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Apr 19, 2021

As a leading heath-technology company, Philips is driven by the purpose to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. The company is committed to positively impacting 2 billion lives per year by 2025, including 300 million in underserved communities. Philips aims to grow its business responsibly and sustainably, and therefore continuously sets itself challenging environmental and social targets, and lives up to the highest standards of governance. Within its own operations, Philips is driving the transition to a circular economy by pursuing dematerialization, shifting to software and service based solution, and maximizing the lifetime value of its products and services. The company embeds sustainability in its innovation processes, by applying EcoDesign requirements: assessments that determine the environmental impact at each stage of a product's lifecycle - from raw material extraction, to energy efficiency, packaging, reuse and repurposing of products and materials. Today, Philips already operates 100% carbon-neutral in its operations and it continues to raise the bar in environmental responsibility. In line with a 1.5 °C global warming scenario, Philips aims to further reduce its CO2 emissions, for example by further improving the energy efficiency of its products during the customer use phase. By 2025 it also aims to design all its products and services in line with EcoDesign requirements. As a part of this commitment to sustainable products, Philips has a long-standing partnership with Amazon and its programs, including participating in Frustration-Free Packaging, a program that encourages manufacturers to package their products in recyclable, compact packaging that is ready to ship to customers in its original packaging, without additional boxes, helping to reduce waste.

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The information on this page was provided by Royal Philips on Apr 19, 2021

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The information on this page was provided by Royal Philips on Apr 19, 2021