Nov 12 2021 - Glasgow, Scotland

COP26: historic negotiations underway

The COP26 Globe at the Hydro
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Hilary Sparow photo.

Hilary Sparrow

Head of Communications & Content, The Climate Pledge

So much news out of COP26! As we write this, historic international negotiations are being finalized for what will serve as a guide for curbing the catastrophic levels of global warming. The initial draft calls on countries to revisit and strengthen their plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and phasing out coal and subsidies for fossil fuels.
Read initial draft

With an estimated 25,000 international attendees, and just months after the UN’s IPCC Report labeled global warming as “code red for humanity,” the conference is being considered a critical and historic event around the world.

One of the most striking moments of the conference featured Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister Simon Kofe dressed in conference attire standing at a lectern knee deep in the ocean—what use to be dry land. The water around the Pacific Island is rising about .2 inches each year, and without global action, will eventually be submerged entirely. It was an impossible-to-forget scene of the impacts of climate change and what our future looks like if aggressive action isn’t taken in force.

Fortunately, at this 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP) summit on climate change, business leaders showed up like never before, and many Climate Pledge signatories were proud to be among them. The Climate Pledge hosted in-person events, had constant social media coverage, and made several key announcements amplifying the crucial impact and role The Climate Pledge and its signatories are playing in the climate conversation. Here are some highlights:

Our Collective Call for Climate Action 

On opening day of COP26, more than 60signatories joined our social media activation across 4 platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) emphasizing our collective commitment to aggressive climate action.

 Alaska Airlines ‘Together to Net Zero’ twitter post
4 TCP-Hosted Sessions at the We Mean Business Pavilion
The Climate Pledge in the We Mean Business Pavilion

Corporate Action and the Energy Transition

Aviva, Macquarie Group, Ørsted, Amazon, and Global Optimism discussed how they’re transforming their businesses to embrace the transition to clean and renewable energy. View the full session here.

Business Leadership in Delivering Nature-Based Solutions

Global Optimism, Sales Force, HP, and Amazon discussed the importance nature-based solutions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. View the full session here.

The Role of the Cloud to Enable Climate Action

Amazon, Global Optimism, Atos, SilverLining and IBM discussed the cloud and its role in increasing global access to critically-needed data and climate science. View the full session here.

Decarbonizing Heavy Transportation

Amazon, Ikea, Fortescue Future, Jet Blue, and Aspen Institute discussed how they’re making progress in decarbonizing hard-to-abate transportation sectors. View the full session here.

Signatories and partners at The Climate Pledge signatory dinner