Christiana Figueres on the power of The Climate Pledge

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You know, when it comes to climate change, it is absolutely critical that both national policy as well as corporate decision-making and planning is actually science-driven. When you understand that the whole economy is actually a web, a value chain that is interweb, then you understand that any company that decarbonizes helps all of the people that are downstream. And so that's what we need.

If we have to get to scale very quickly, which we have to do, we need every single company—particularly the large ones—to decarbonize upstream and help those downstream. So to take the pledge of coming in 10 years early to carbon neutrality, is actually a huge contribution to ambition. So we are incredibly grateful that Jeff is doing this, it's not a moment too early. We are delighted and we certainly welcome the challenge. This is not going to be easy—but this is absolutely critical and important.